Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 BB on V day

Tere chehere pe sakun tha, teri hansi mein tha sharab, sharab ke nashe se hogaya mera dil kharab, isliye kar baitha mein tujhe shaadi ka izhaar, asha karta hoon ki ho jaye hum dono mein pyar aur zindagi bhar chalti rahe yeh pyar bhari takrar...

I really dont know the importance or the significance of V Day. However, I do understand that it is meant for people who already are or are going into a relationship that is majboot than fevicol, more colourful than Asia paint can ever make, brighter than Rin/surf excel can ever make our clothes. It is something which is or has to be D2D (Dil se dil tak) and I believe we have that connection which can only grow stronger with each sec, min, hr and day spent together. I wish u a very happy valentine day.